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Instant Pot Indian red lentil soup

Categories: Indian  
Submitted by:Brady

Best lentils, easy soup. Sautee onions in the pot, add lentils, water and spices, and wait a few minutes for goodness.


1 cupred split lentils (masoor dal)
1onion, diced
1 tspolive oil
2-3 tspbutter
2 tspground cumin seed
0.25 tspground coriander seed
0.25 tspground turmeric
0.25 tspgarlic powder
0.25 tspaleppo pepper powder (or blend paprika+cayenne)
0.25 tspchili flakes
3 cupsstock or broth or water


  1. Set Instant Pot to saute. Cook onions in oil and butter until soft and starting to caramelize
  2. Add spices and cook for about a minute
  3. Add lentils, mix well
  4. Add broth, stir
  5. Close lid and steam valve. Hit "Manual", set to High Pressure for 12 minutes
  6. After cooking, leave for 12 minutes, then open steam valve, then lid.
  7. The lentils will look intact and uncooked; stir vigorously for a few seconds and they'll turn straight to mush.
  8. Add salt and pepper to taste, and add some water to adjust the consistency to where you'd like it.


The spices can just be subbed for curry powder, garlic powder (or actual garlic), and whatever spicy pepper powder or hot sauce you like. It's really hard to screw up red lentils.

Split yellow lentils will probably also work just as well. Other varieties will keep their texture too much to be suitable in a soup like this.